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"We are part of a large group headquartered in Canada. What is distinctive and very positive about this group is that it is like a
big knowledge bank.

Eva Wiberg, Customer Care Analyst

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"It's a complex system to deliver but it's a fun challenge to make it work"

Ronnie Petersson, Project Leader & Business consultant

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"We at Avance Metering are passionate about developing smart solutions that help our customers in their everyday lives"

Anders Broström, Scrum master & Tester

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"Great knowledge, long experience in the industry, committed employees and high expectations are the things that best describe our company"

Björn Sahlström, Senior Developer

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"We are a small company where all employees are passionate about their work and give their all!"

Marie Modigh, VP Customer Care 

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"Great colleagues who are always there to
assist and share their knowledge is a
real strength of ours"

Helena Lingell, Developer & Technical Support

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