Do you manage a multi-utility, multi-vendor and/or multi-communication metering network?

With our system you can easily handle smart metering and smart grid functionality and make head-end system administration simple, secure, and efficient.


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Collection Manager | collects and stores consumption and production data from electricity, district heating/cooling, gas and water meters.
It is designed and used for large-scale residential smart metering as well as for serving the more complex requirements of the Commercial and Industry market. Collection Manager is vendor independent with adapters that allow the system to communicate with a wide range of metering equipment.


Our Adapters allow the system to communicate with a wide range of metering equipment when the right adapter is installed.

ref_Kamstrup Multical NB IoT

Download Adapter Kamstrup Multical NB IoT
for District Heating and Cooling product sheet 


Adapter_Aidon_Linkware_frontDownload Adapter Aidon Linkware product sheet

Adapter_Cewe_DLMS_EN_frontDownload Adapter Cewe DLMS product sheet

Adapter_Diehl_frontDownload Adapter Diehl product sheet

Adapter_IskraDLMS_frontDownload Adapter ISKRA DLMS product sheet

Adapter_Kaifa_frontDownload Adapter Kaifa product sheet

Adapter_Kamstrup_Omnia_Flex_ENG_frontDownload Adapter Kamstrup Omnia Flex product sheet

Adapter_LandisGyr_frontDownload Adapter Landis + Gyr product sheet

Adapter_Sanxing_frontDownload Adapter Sanxing product sheet

Adapter_STAR_frontDownload Adapter Star product sheet  








Download Collection Manager Product sheet

Collection Manager | collection of data and events from any smart meter device fast, easy and efficient!


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