Meter data software enabling sustainable utilities



Allows you to reach a maximum level of automation of meter data management processes. And if the automation fails, Avance Metering offers the most efficient and user-friendly workspace in the industry, to correct whatever has failed.


With the increased pressure to meet the requirements from NBS, Hub and suppliers, Avance Metering helps automate exceptions management and reporting needs.


With information scattered across multiple systems, it can be hard to keep track of tasks and maintain a comprehensive overview. Avance Metering helps you prioritise and take action at the right time.

Avance Metering Software

Collection Manager

This interoperable multi head-end meter data collection system supports a wide range of meter types, terminals and concentrators. 

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Meter Data Management

Highly automated, flexible, efficient and scalable data management combined with an efficient workspace for managing and monitoring exceptions. 

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Task Monitoring

Get an overview of deviations from energy data processes; and track, analyse and correct the underlying issues to achieve operational excellence.

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