We take responsibility - for people and the environment

We want to be a value creating company which takes responsibility for the environment and people. We want to use our knowledge and solutions to help our customers in their daily work. We work actively with environmental issues and are constantly working with goals and routines to reduce our impact on the environment and the climate. We respect and value our customers and ourselves!

"Sustainability is a keyword for Avance Metering and for our owners – Volaris Group. Our decisions are always long-term as our owners never sell any of their companies. Our sustainability focus also covers our work to minimize our negative impact on the environment."
Mats Ekelund, CEO Avance Metering


Avance Metering is certified according to Svensk Miljöbas - the national environmental standard adapted for smaller businesses and organizations. The Swedish Environmental Base is an association with the purpose to promote sustainable development and reduced environmental impact. Our environmental policy is the foundation for our sustainability work.

In our environmental policy we have listed our sustainability goals; where we shall:illiya-vjestica-V1E-R1Z40lY-unsplash_hallbarhet_cykel

  • increase knowledge and raise awareness of environmental issues among all employees
  • influence and cooperate with other companies, suppliers,
    authorities and organizations
  • consider environmental improvement measures as investments
  • prevent pollution in air, soil and water by taking environmental impact into consideration
    in everything we do
  • constantly strive to improve the utilization of our resources within the company


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