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We offer a solution that can save time and money by turning your focus from monitoring daily operations to handle deviations identified automatically in Vision




Vision | is our platform of interconnected modules; it allows you to shift focus from monitoring normal operations to identifying potentially time-consuming and costly issues. Vision monitors data streams from communication, collection, validation, and estimation processes; and pairs this data with alarms and events coming from AMS, AMI and IoT equipment. Vision highlights deviations by analysing these streams of data and creating tasks and presents a holistic view of your operations by combining the elements of operational tasks, geospatial data, and other line of business data.

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Vision Modules connect Avance Metering software and Vision. The modules analyse data from multiple utilites and communications and Vision offers you a user-friendly interface for viewing the analyse result and take necessary actions.



Vision | Electricity has focus on grid operations and the managing of alarm/events capabilities in electricity meters. The module will create tasks in Vision connected to the alarms/events and map them using the EN 50160 standard. Download product sheet (SE)


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Vision | District Heating simplifies the identification of locations not functioning properly by analysing data. It indicates locations with deviations and displays them as tasks on a map in Vision for further investigation and actions. Download product sheet (SE)



Vision | Communication monitors the state of metering communication infrastructure and analyse communication statistics. It indicates deviations and low performance and displays it on a map in Vision for further investigation and actions.



Vision | Audit serves to provide centralised and user-friendly logging to structure user activity, integrations, system configuration and more. Download product sheet (SE)



Vision | Extract serves to provide structured access to data from Avance Metering software for visualisation as well as manual or automatic analysis.
Download product sheet (SE)



Download Vision Product sheet

Vision | placing the opportunities of smart metering at the fingertips of your organisation!


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