2022 December 21

Release Collection Manager 22.1

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We have now released a new release for Collection Manager. This release of Collection Manager 22.1 contains a number of improvements and new functionality and we are pleased to present below some of the highlights of the release. As usual, the release also includes a number of bug fixes and improvements to existing adapters and to the system as a whole.


New adapter developed for Kamstrup Multical NB IoT
Kamstrup Multical NB IoT

We have developed a new adapter that handles the collection of district heating and cooling data from Kamstrup MULTICAL 403, MULTICAL 603 and MULTICAL 803.
The adapter supports:

  • Encrypted data traffic
  • Reception and storage of pushed measurement data
  • Reception and storage of pushed events
  • Time synchronization




Export GenerisMR 5 and 15-minute values
In this release we have added support for exporting 5 and 15-minute values in the GenerisMR export module. 
Visit our Avance Metering Customer Portal for more information on which exports and adapters support 15-minute values.

Avance Metering offers support to make the transition to 15-minute values as smooth as possible.
In order to be ready when the transition comes into effect, it is important that you as a customer prioritise and plan your electricity meter inventory work well in advance. We are here to help and support you in the transition and therefore offer various support for the transition to 15-minute values.
Find out more about the help we offer for the transition by clicking through to the 15-minute time resolution page (swe)

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or to book a meeting to discuss how we best can support you.
For questions and to book a meeting, please contact Max Stålarm, Sales & Account Manager.
E-post: max.stalarm@avancemetering.com 



Conceptual image of micro circuit. Security concept

Safety is of great importance to us

Collection Manager 22.1 includes a number of security enhancements including:

  • Updated third-party components
  • Prevent SQL-injections in the WEB-interface
  • Manage XSS vulnerability in the system






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Take advantage of a number of useful new features, a number of bug fixes and improvements to existing functionality.
For questions and to book an upgrade, please contact Max Stålarm, Sales & Account Manager.

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