March 2024

Harmonics Unmasked: Shining a Light on this Disruptive Phenomenon

Imagine an invisible force disrupting the very lifelines of our modern world - the power grids that keep our lights on and cities humming. This unseen threat is very real, and it goes by the name of harmonics.

These pesky distortions can cause all sorts of headaches, from equipment failures to skyrocketing energy losses. But fear not, for there's a solution on the horizon! On April 4th, join us for the enlightening webinar "Power Struggle: Customer-Generated Harmonics Exposed" to gain invaluable insights into taming this disruptive phenomenon.

The Challenge: Pinpointing and Mitigating Harmonics LinkedIn Ad

While harmonics are often overlooked, their impacts can be severe. These disruptive vibrations can wreak havoc on electrical systems, leading to equipment degradation, grid instability, and disgruntled customers experiencing inconsistent power quality.

The real challenge lies in identifying the sources of harmonics and implementing effective countermeasures. This requires a deep understanding of monitoring techniques, data analytics, and mitigation strategies across hardware, software, and system levels.

Solutions on the Horizon

In our 30-minute webinar, harmonics guru David Svensson from Göteborg Energi will unveil practical tools and tactics for defeating harmonics. You'll learn how metering forensics can detect harmonic "fingerprints", witness a real-world case study of tracking down a harmonic culprit, and explore an arsenal of mitigation solutions.

As a multi-utility, multi-communication, multi-smart meter solution provider, Avance Metering offers cutting-edge technologies that empower utilities to proactively manage power quality issues like harmonics. Our advanced metering infrastructure seamlessly integrates data from diverse sources, enabling comprehensive grid monitoring and analytics.

The Time to Act is Now

Don't let harmonics continue to sabotage your operations unchecked. Secure your spot at our free webinar on April 4th to gain the knowledge and tools needed to neutralize this invisible menace. Spaces are limited, so act fast and join us in mastering one of the power industry's biggest challenges.

Remember, harmonics may be unseen, but their impacts are very real. Empower yourself with the insights to maintain grid stability, ensure customer satisfaction, and protect your valuable assets from premature degradation. The struggle against harmonics starts now - will you answer the call?

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