Feb 21, 2024 7:24:32 PM

Meet the Smiths

A Family Seeking Sustainability

The Smith family dreaded opening this month’s utility bills. Between their rising electricity costs, increased water usage, and high gas charges, their current fragmented systems weren’t providing the efficiency or sustainability they wanted. There had to be a better way.

The Problem: Outdated Systems Create Inefficiencies

meet the smiths

Like the Smiths, families and utilities struggle with legacy systems not built for today’s complex energy landscape. Siloed infrastructure leads to unclear usage insights and lack of optimization across electricity, water, gas and more.

The Solution: Integrated Smart Metering and Data

New integrated data platforms aim to address these issues. By consolidating metering and management across utility types, they offer holistic usage analytics for improved operations and conservation.

The Seamless Solution

Our multi-utility platform at Avance Metering ingests diverse data streams. Our analytics give families like the Smiths and utility providers enhanced forecasting, efficiency, and satisfaction by contextualizing integrated usage. With our interoperable solutions, we aim to flexibly unify fragmented systems for a streamlined and optimized utility management experience..

The Implementation: Collaboration and Diligence

But successful adoption requires collaboration and diligence. Comprehensive change management and integration are crucial for impact. Interoperable solutions like ours flexibly unify fragmented systems.

The Future: Optimized and United

Leading utilities like Austin Energy recognize that siloed systems are becoming obsolete. Austin Energy has adopted an integrated data management approach across their electricity, water, and gas services. This unified system has provided them with holistic insights that allow for more efficient operations and sustainability initiatives. Their success demonstrates how the future of utility management will be optimized and integrated. Together, forward-thinking utilities and the families they serve can embrace new solutions that drive conservation.

The Takeaway: Smarter Together

For essential utilities, integration enables the transparency and efficiency needed to optimize resources. The smartest path forward is together.


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