2024 March 18

Avance Metering Achieves Swedish Environmental Base Certification


Avance Metering Achieves Swedish Environmental Base Certification

At Avance Metering, we take pride in our commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable business practices. We are pleased to announce that our efforts have been validated by earning certification under the Swedish Environmental Base standard for environmentally sound operations.

The Swedish Environmental Base, established by SUSA - Sustainable Standards, is a respected environmental management certification program. It confirms that an organization has implemented systems and processes to continually enhance environmental performance while maintaining efficient, eco-friendly operations. Attaining this certification demonstrates Avance's dedication to environmental stewardship.

To meet the Environmental Base requirements, Avance Metering underwent a comprehensive audit reviewing environmental policies, objectives, risk preparedness and stakeholder transparency. Notable achievements included:

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  • Developing an environmental management system with measurable goals and actionable plans
  • Conducting an in-depth analysis to identify all environmental aspects of operations
  • Implementing protocols to ensure regulatory adherence and prevent incidents
  • Providing environmental awareness training to cultivate employee competence
  • Instituting an annual environmental report for stakeholders

While the Environmental Base certification highlights Avance's environmental commitment, it also motivates the company to continue raising the bar. The validated systems position Avance Metering to further minimize its environmental impact while innovating industry-leading metering solutions.

"We are proud to achieve this certification recognizing our environmental progress so far," said Max Stalarm, Head of Sales. "Environmental issues are essential priorities that all companies must address. This accreditation inspires Avance Metering to sustain our commitment to sustainable practices across our operations."





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