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Ronnie Petersson
Project Leader & Business consultant
Working at Avance Metering since 2015
Office: Linköping


Tell us about your work
I work in both projects and technical support. In projects I deploy Collection Manager and Vision at our customers. There is always a set of requirements from the customer or authority that the system has to handle. Depending on the customer's choice of meter manufacturer and product, the configuration will be different. Even integrations differ; ranging from single files to extensive web interface integration.

What is your biggest challenge at work?
We support so many different meter models and communication methods and it's always an exciting challenge to make all the pieces work together. We can't completely control all the parameters all by ourselves, but here we need help from both our customers and partners to get the communication right, from the system all the way down to the grid level and everything in between. It's a complex system that we have to deliver and it's a fun challenge to make it work.

What do you think distinguishes Avance Metering as a company?
That we are an independent system provider.

What is the best thing about working at Avance Metering?
It's the challenge of getting the systems up and running and that we work within an interesting industry. Energy is what is being discussed daily in our world and probably will be in the future. And I work with the best colleagues in the world!

The energy industry is complex and there are many competing solutions, how do we add value and contribute to our customers' success?
We stand for customer choice. We offer a vendor-independent system with associated adapters that allow the system to communicate with a wide range of measuring equipment.

What do you do in your free time to relax from work?
It's mainly children's handball on the schedule and there are many matches and missions to support the local club. And when you live in a house, there is always something that needs to be done. Of course I'm at Mantorp Park sometimes for motorcycle races.


Can you give us a tip on a place worth visiting in your area?
Mantorp, located about 2 miles outside Linköping, is not a big place (about 3600 inhabitants) but despite that there is both a national motor track and a racecourse.
It's been a long time since the old F1 legend Ronnie Petersson lived but since my name kind of "owes" to motorsports, I'm obviously rooting for the town's Mantorp Park racetrack.

If you like motorsports, this is a mecca and there is always something going on here every week. Everything from drag racing, STCC and street cars to slippery slope driving for driving licence holders. Record crowds of around 35,000.



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