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Helena Lignell
Developer & Technical support
Working at Avance Metering since 2006 
Office: Östersund


Tell us about your role and what a working day is typically like?
I work with technical support for our customers and I never really know exactly what my working day will look like. I mix technical support with development, which allows me to both find the problems and develop a solution to these problems.

What is the most exciting thing about your job?
Problem solving is both fun and exciting! Being able to focus and analyze customers' problems to finally find a solution to them is both fun and rewarding.

What do you find unique about Avance Metering as a company?
Many years of experience in the industry and dedicated employees.

Can you tell us why you believe in working at Avance Metering?
Great colleagues who are always there to help and share their knowledge.

What benefits do you see in our Collection Manager solution for end users?
Collection Manager is a flexible system that can be easily developed and customized for our customers' needs.

The energy industry is complex and there are competing solutions, how do we add value and contribute to our customers' success?
We stay close to our customers and are responsive to their needs.

What is your best energy saving tip?

Use LED lights and turn them off when not needed.

Can you recommend a place worth visiting in your surroundings?
A walk around Bynäset or Andersön is very beutiful, or enjoying the magnificent view from Frösö church with Lake Storsjön and the mountains in the background.




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