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Eva Wikberg
Customer Care Analyst
Working at Avance Metering since 2020
Office: Östersund


What you do in your role as a Customer Care Analyst?
I take care of support tickets coming in from our customers and recreate their problems in our own test environment to resolve the issues. Most tickets are resolved by Customer Care, but for more complex issues we enlist the help of the development team. 

What is the most important characteristic of a Customer Care Analyst?
It is important to be able to be versatile and flexible, as one day is not like the other. You also need to be good at prioritising Sometimes something urgent happens which meansOf course, you also need to be service-oriented, patient and able to understand and put yourself in the customer's shoes.

What do you find unique about Avance Metering as a company?
We're a part of a large group of companies headquartered in Canada. What is distinctive and very positive about this group is that you can describe it like a big knowledge bank. All the different companies share their experiences, questions and thoughts. There are many forums and discussion groups to participate in and it extends throughout the organization and all departments. There is always an answer to be found if you just ask.

What is the best thing about working at Avance Metering?
I joined the company in the middle of the pandemic and we work from home but the cohesion and collaboration still feels really good. Avance Metering seems to take great care to ensure that its employees are happy and have a good time.

What are the challenges of working in Customer Care?
It's a very complex systems in a changing market that we have to support. It´s also important to have knowledge of all the different elements that the customer wants help with while having many other parallel tasks running at the same time.

Can you describe how you think our solutions help our customers' businesses become more sustainable?
We want to make their working day as easy as possible and ease their workload with straightforward and transparent tools

EvaWhat is your best energy saving tip?
Switch to LED lights and check your freezer as it uses a lot of power.

Can you tell us about a place worth visiting in your area?
I live by a lake called Locknesjön and where you find this amazing place with waterfalls, rocky outcrops and lagoons.  Well worth a visit!
But I also want strike a blow for  Gotland, which is also close to my heart.



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