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Björn Sahlström
Senior Developer
Working at Avance Metering since 2006
Office: Norrköping


Tell us about your role and what a working day might look like?
I work mainly as a developer, but I am also involved in architecture and design issues for our software, mainly when it comes to integrations and various parts of our core code.

What challenges do you see working as a developer?
As the market evolves we face new problems all the time, but fortunately I've always enjoyed problem solving.

How do you contribute to the success of Avance Metering?
With a deep knowledge of our various applications and our code base.

What do you think distinguishes Avance Metering as a company?
Extensive industry knowledge, dedicated employees and good humour.

Tell us about a successful project you are working on right now?
Right now I'm working on a project for Göteborg Energi together with Kamstrup which is a lot of fun.

The energy industry is complex and there are many competing solutions, how do we add value and contribute to our customers' success?
As I have mentioned yearlier, long industry experience and dedicated employees.


What do you do in your free time to relax from work?

I've always enjoyed fishing and being out in nature in general, although I'll admit it's become less of a priority lately. Travelling is another thing I enjoy a great deal.

Can you tell us about a place worth visiting in your area?
Walking around the urban landscape of Norrköping with the waters and streams of Motalastrom is definitely worth a visit. I would also recommend a visit to the museum of work in the middle of the industrial landscape. A walk around Bråviken is not a bad idea either.



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