April 2024

Video Webinar -  Power Struggle: Customer-Generated Harmonics Exposed

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On April 4th, the power industry came together to confront one of its most persistent challenges - customer-generated harmonics. In the "Power Struggle: Customer-Generated Harmonics Exposed" webinar, harmonics expert David Svensson from Göteborg Energi joined forces with Avance Metering to shine a light on this disruptive phenomenon and arm attendees with the knowledge to overcome it.

The 30-minute session kicked off with an introduction to the gravity of the harmonics issue. As David explained, these distortions in electrical current and voltage wreak havoc on grid equipment, drain efficiency, and undermine customer satisfaction - making them a force to be reckoned with. But by understanding their origins and impact, utilities can get ahead of this unseen menace.

The spotlight then turned to detection, as David demonstrated how Avance Metering's advanced metering infrastructure and analytics pinpoint harmonic "signatures." Attendees witnessed real-world case studies where David uses his forensic approach to trace a problematic harmonic source back to a specific customer. The eye-opening examples highlighted the vital role of comprehensive smart meter data in diagnosing and addressing the root causes of power quality issues.

With the problem laid bare, the webinar shifted to solutions. David unveiled a tactical arsenal of hardware, software, and system-level strategies to subdue harmonics, emphasizing how Avance's flexible, interoperable solutions enable utilities to deploy them seamlessly. He also stressed the importance of proactive customer collaboration, sharing techniques to engage affected parties and prevent future harmonic incidents.

As the session drew to a close, the overriding message was clear: Harmonics pose a very real threat, but one that can be conquered through a combination of granular grid monitoring, targeted mitigation, and strengthened utility-customer partnerships. With this webinar, attendees departed armed with the insights to take the power struggle against harmonics and secure a harmonious, efficient grid.

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